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Access to Information and Knowledge is Fundamental for self-development as well as being an essential requirement for improving our daily life, career, and businesses. Hence, Libraries play important role in society for research and educational purposes.

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Create the Library of your dream using Bookie, set your reading pace, Create a Reading list, give recommendations, set reminders, get notifications, track your progress, all in one place. 

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Read from any of your devices- laptops, mobile phones, iPad, and desktop computers, from any location of your choice at any point in time. Yes! With Bookie, you do not need to visit a physical library.

Amazing Features


This displays a collection of books, journals and publications in line with the interest areas selected by the user.

Book Lists

The Admin has the access to add, remove and categorize books from the list of books available in the library.


Users can favorite books that they like or are interested in reading, selected books can be seen in the "favorites" tab.

Add/Edit Book

The Admin can add new books at anytime , as well as edit information regarding any of the resources available on the digital library

Interest Areas

Subscribers can select, deselect and re-select their areas of interest as many times as they choose.

Subscription History

Users can view their subscription history from inception till date, view the expiration date of their current subscription as well as the recommended renewal date

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No more waiting for the right place and time to read, you can now read anywhere, anytime.